How to Deal with Baby Eczema

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What is baby eczema?

baby dermatitisWith baby eczema some red-colored crusty patches are visible on the delicate skin of your baby, at a glance, it may seem alarming. But you need not worry because it is a common problem of baby eczema in the case of many babies especially, in the initial months, and is very much treatable.

What does it actually look like?

It is also known as atopic dermatitis or infant eczema, which appears in nearly 10-15% of children. Generally, it can occur anywhere on the baby’s body, but most of the time it is seen on the cheeks and the joints of the arms and legs. The skin becomes dry, itchy, and rough, and you will notice red patches on the skin.

Sometimes it can be confused with cradle cap, which is another red scaly condition that occurs on the sides of the nose, on the scalp, behind the ears, on the eyebrows, and the eyelids of infants. but it gets remedied by eight months of age.

What are the factors that trigger eczema in babies?

There are many reasons which trigger baby eczema. Factors that trigger eczema in infants may not trigger the same in adults. Mentioned below are few of the factors which set off eczema;

Dry skin – This condition generally arises in winters when the humidity is low, and the air is dry. Dry skin tends to make eczema itchier.

Sweat and heat – Both of these factors worsen the infant eczema.

Stress – Babies with eczema generally react to stress by blushing. That aggravates the itchiness of the irritated skin.

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Irritants – Things like woolen clothes, body and laundry soaps, perfumes, etc. have been seen to trigger a baby’s eczema condition.

Allergens – This is yet to be proven whether food allergy in babies triggers eczema. Some of the experts have a belief that by excluding certain food items from the baby’s diet, you can control its symptoms.

Six most trusted treatments for baby eczema

baby eczema clothing

When you see your baby’s smooth and delicate skin turning dry, red, and itchy, generally, it is eczema, which is the cause behind it. Usually, it appears within the age of 2-6 months. This atopic dermatitis is said to affect nearly 20% of the infants and children. Discussed below are the six most trusted infant eczema treatments which are sure to help soothe your baby’s skin;

1.  Avoiding  Irritants – It has been seen that most of the babies suffer from skin allergies due to dyes, perfumes, and other chemical household products, including laundry detergents, soaps, bubble baths, fabric softer, etc. Therefore switching over to fragrance-free products is the best solution. That will automatically minimize the itching and flare-ups.

2.  Using a good cream for eczema – Trying out a fragrance-free, gentle cream that locks in the moisture is effective. You need to apply it on your baby’s skin a few times a day, notably after a bath.

3.  Carry out tests for food allergy – Eczema can often be caused by a food allergy. On conducting an allergy test, If it turns out that he or she is allergic to any food item, on removing it entirely from the diet, you can quickly get rid of eczema.

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4.  Avoiding overheating – It is always advised that babies suffering from eczema should be wearing light and breathable fabrics. Because scratchy and heavy materials cause overheating, which worsens eczema.

5.  Limit the damage of scratching – When your baby suffers from eczema, its skin is itchy, which causes heavy scratching. To prevent the adverse effects of scratching like cuts and infections, you should cut their nails short and clean. Also, you can try putting on some light mittens at night.

6.  Applying medication – It has been seen in some cases that following the above procedures alone doesn’t help in curing the condition. It is then when you are recommended to use some steroid cream along with the usual precautions, the application of this cream helps to get rid of eczema completely.

There is no way that you can prevent baby eczema, but if you take good care of the baby’s skin, and avoid the triggering factors, then very soon, you can help your baby overcome this condition.

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