Treating Eczema: Natural Home Remedies

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What do you mean by eczema?

Eczema is a type of skin rash which is generally seen in children below five years. In infants, it occurs typically on the scalp, cheeks, and can spread on the chest, legs, arms, and different parts of their body. After the first year, it further extends on the wrists, ankles, elbows, behind the knees, and various other parts.

It generally appears as rashes that are dry, thick, and scaly. Sometimes you may also notice small reddish bumps that get infected due to various reasons.

It is not at all contagious. Eczema usually keeps coming and going and is very uncomfortable because your skin keeps itching intensely. If it is not treated timely then it aggravates.  On seeing a doctor he or she will suggest you some chemical based medications. But before trying these steroid medications it is always advised that you try out the home remedies for eczema.

What is the basic cause of eczema?

The exact cause is still unknown. But there is a general tendency of inheriting eczema, which means if you or some close family member of yours have eczema problem then your child is also likely to suffer from the same.

It is not a type of allergic reaction, but irritants present in and around us like cigarette smoke or pollen and allergens in the diet can trigger the same.

Heat and sweat is said to aggravate eczema. Items which come in direct contact with the skin like soaps, lotion and their fragrances also make it worse. Even hot and dry temperatures flare-up eczema.

But whatever may be the cause home remedies for eczema is the best way to deal with it.

Why is it better to use home remedies to treat eczema?

Instead of using chemical based medications trying out some natural home remedies is definitely a better option. These natural treatments are much safe on your skin.

Effective home remedies for eczema

Basically remedies can be of two types. One indicates certain alterations in your lifestyle while the other brings about some changes in your food habits.

Firstly we will discuss the changes in the lifestyle which gives certain amount of relief to the persons suffering from eczema;

1.      Soaking a cloth in ice-cold milk and laying it on the itchy area really helps to cool your itching sensation.

2.      For any oozing rash applying calamine lotion is not only soothing helps in drying it too. In this case a homemade spray i.e. the sea spray made of salt and magnesium is also very useful.

3.      Applying coconut oil too helps to cool the pain and itching of eczema.

4.      Adding colloidal oatmeal to your bath water is again soothing for the skin.

5.      Don’t take bath for more than 10 minutes because it tends to dry out the skin by washing off the protective oil layer. And always take a bath with luke warm water.

6.      Generally soaking yourself in water makes eczema worse. But for people who can endure it magnesium baths are really helpful.

7.      After bath always use a creamy moisturizer to protect the skin from the irritants. Try avoiding fragrant and water-based lotions.

8.      Stop scratching.

Secondly, lets discuss the slight alterations required in the diet;

1.      Eat foods that are basically rich in omega 3 and other essential fatty acids like salmon, flax seed oil, avocados, walnuts, tuna and mackerel. Taking them in the raw form is more useful. They help to reduce the allergic reactions and inflammations.

2.      Take a reasonable amount of vitamin E everyday to fight off the dry and itchy skin.

3.      Vitamin A is also useful in case of eczema but long-term use is again not suggested because it can lead to other problems.

4.      Intake of zinc actually heals your skin. It also helps the body make proper use of the essential fatty acids.

5.      A herb named Gotu kola is also known to be suitable for itching conditions of the skin. You can make tea with this herb and drink it.

To wrap up, we can say that the above-mentioned home remedies for eczema are going to help you,. Still, you need to be patient and follow them religiously to notice some remarkable difference.


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