Essential Eczema Treatment Information – Read This Before You Try Any Creams

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One of the most common skin conditions which generally tends to affect the scalp is referred to as dandruff, and it also affects the baby scalp with infants younger than 3 months. In that case it’s known as cradle cap. This problem can affect not only the skin on the face, but the chest, arms and legs making your skin come off as greasy and/or even flaky. This is more common in people over the age of 30 and especially males.

People in general remain unsure as to whether the cause of eczema is only hereditary or hormonal. If it’s hormonal it would normally appear in infancy and then disappear somewhere around puberty.

Also people might believe that it’s fungal because the fungus which is found on our skin tends to exist in smaller amounts and if put under the right conditions it could drastically increase leading up to eczema. This is the problem that differs in adults and infants. Eczema is a condition linked to some neurological conditions as well, the reason for which remains unknown.

What are some effective ways to treat it?

Treating eczema is dependent upon where the problem is located as well as the age of the patient in question.

1. Teenagers and adults:

The Scalp: You might want to take advantage of a good anti-dandruff shampoo which will include all that’s necessary for you to clear up this problem, and also ensure to use it on a daily basis for the condition to be put under control quickly. Then you should use it around two to three times on a weekly basis. Make sure that you rub it around the scalp and then leave it for roughly few minutes before washing off with water. In case you don’t seem to see improvement after a week has gone by, try to visit your doctor for consultation.

Around the skin: In this instance you’ll have to reach out to your doctor in order to get some steroid lotion. There are some shampoos out there that have been used as an effective means to fight eczema, simply rub them onto the affected area like you would with creams when you’re done bathing and then wash off the next time you’re in the shower.

2. Infants:

Scalp: When it comes to the younger ones, you’ll have to utilize the more gentle medical shampoos that were originally prescribed by a doctor. That is, if what you’ve already got doesn’t appear to be working. Before you decide to pay your doctor a visit, make sure you try the following first: Apply baby oil, massage the scalp of the baby gently, take a small brush such as a toothbrush and then brush the cradle cap off. Afterwards, wash off all the loose flakes out the hair using baby shampoo without water at first and then slowly add a little bit at a time. This is going to help make sure the scalp looks healthy and that the hair remains soft and clean. Make sure you don’t damage the scalp when you’re brushing the flakes off because a scratch might lead to an infection and you wouldn’t want that to happen to an infant.

Around the creases and folds – In this instance you’ll have to make sure you reach out to your doctor for some steroid lotion to use as the treatment. Keep in mind that shampoo for adults might not be appropriate and can be harsh upon the skin of young infants.

Finally, quality hygiene is essential with these cases so make sure you keep the hair and skin clear and dry in order to make sure the treatment you’ve decided to utilize is ends up working.

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