Mild Eczema on Hands – What You Need to Know

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Eczema can be a very distressful skin condition which can really bring a person down. It is due to an increased amount of water being lost by the skin which consequently causes drying and cracking of the skin. This combination of drying and cracking causes the sufferer to be irritated meaning they begin to itch which leads to further infections and complications. Eczema can be a real pain once it begins and keeping it in control is the pursuit by all suffers. Eczema can occur all over the body which different treatment regime available dependent upon where on the body the eczema is. In this guide we’ll be running through everything you need to know about mild eczema on hands.

The reason for eczema of the hands is due to genetic traits which run through families and an immature immune system with high levels of IgE. Along with these internal factors, eczema of the hands can also be caused by external irritants and chemicals. This means if you are working in an environment which involves using your hands and chemicals, you are may be more likely to form mild eczema of the hands. Jobs such as dish washing, hairdressing and healthcare work may all lead to eczema of the hands.

The symptoms of mild eczema of the hands are that of usual eczema symptoms around the body and they include:

  •         Dry skin
  •         Redness
  •         Itchiness
  •         Swollen skin
  •         Blister formation
  •         Painful burning skin
  •         Cracking

So now you know what causes eczema of the hands and what symptoms you may have; the next step is finding out what treatments and solutions are available to help stop the outbreak of mild eczema on the hands.

Firstly for the immediate and short term problem you can be given corticosteroids by either your doctor or pharmacist depending on which country you are in. This is the quickest and most effective way to treat a sudden outbreak of eczema on the hands. It should be noted though, that although they are the most effective they should not be used frequently as it causes thinning of your skin and over time it will cause them to become less effective. The most commonly prescribed corticosteroid is hydrocortisone. A little tip if you are using this is to keep the cream in the fridge as it will help with the cooling process when you apply it which can dramatically reduce the urge to itch!

Now as for the long term treatment plans for mild eczema of the hands there are numerous creams, emollients and ointments available. Many people will think that any old cream will do as long as they are creaming their hands, but this is not the case. With eczema of the hands you need to be very careful with what type of cream you apply, as applying the wrong one can actually cause your hands to worsen. For mild eczema of hands the best products to use are moisturizers which are greasy and oily. The oil provides a layer of protection for the skin which prevents water leaving the skin meaning it stays hydrated and prevents drying. As well as this, the oily layer also provides protection against irritants on your skin meaning a double action protection mechanism. Examples of good moisturizers to use include Vaseline. If you frequently have mild eczema of the hands it may be advised to always use an oily moisturizer to prevent future outbreaks.

As you can see mild eczema of hands can be a very debilitating condition as you need to use your hands for literally everything so having them in primed condition is essential. We hope the information provided gives you a better understanding of the condition and also leaves you with some guidance if you are a sufferer.

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