Tips for Your Eczema Lifestyle

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If you have been diagnosed as being an eczema sufferer, then you know well how painful and itchy it can be. Therefore, consider that some simple changes to your lifestyle can help in a big way, in terms of treating your skin condition. The following information is tips to keeping your skin comfortable and soft.

Know what triggers your eczema
There are lots of factors that can trigger an eczema flare-up. These can range from dust mites to changing laundry soap. The most important aspect is figuring out what your individual triggers are, and then avoiding them. One general rule for all of these sufferers is that fragrances are out of the question. Experts suggest eliminating things such as perfumes, scented body lotions, soaps, cosmetics, and so on from your daily routine. In their place you should look to buy products that do not contain chemicals, additives, or scent. Other triggers known to trigger a flare-up are certain foods, chemicals, gasoline, pet dander, dust mites, and household cleaners, among others.

Moisturize your skin very often
One of the best ways to control your eczema is to keep moisturizer on it all day. This is especially true after you get out of the bath or the shower.

Manage the temperatures inside your home
Too many changes in humidity or temperature can cause flare-ups in eczema patients. Though you cannot control the outdoor weather, you can control the conditions in your personal home. When it’s hot outside, keep the AC on in the home to remain cool. On the other hand, during the winter use a cool mist humidifier to keep your skin from drying out.

Do not scratch your eczema
Of course it is itchy! Yet, scratching it will make it worse. Moreover, scratching it can also lead to an infection as it can damage your skin. Rather than scratching your own skin, try to use baths, medications, and cold compresses.

Wear only clothes that are comfortable and do not irritate your skin
Clothes made from full cotton or cotton blends are your best option. Other fabrics such as synthetic fabrics and wools, like polyester can really begin to irritate your skin. To help reduce irritation one thing you can do is wash all new clothing before ever wearing it. Moreover, skip the dryer sheet and only use mild detergent.

Sweat as little as possible
Some people will notice that when they sweat or become overheated their eczema begins to flare-up. These folks should simply try to get in a shower when they begin getting too hot.

Hence, make yourself aware of every little thing you can do; after all – it can only help!

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