Hand Eczema

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Simple Tips On How To Live With Hand Eczema

What is hand eczema?

It is an inflammatory condition whose common symptoms are itching, redness, blisters, cracks, pain, and dryness, which can even lead to flaking and peeling. It results from both external and internal factors. External factors are in contact with allergens and irritants, and internal factors usually are our genetic composition. This condition is also commonly known as hand dermatitis. It is generally noticed in people involved in mechanical work, cleaning, hairdressing, catering, and healthcare.  Though it is not contagious, it can affect the self-esteem and social life of an individual to a great extent. Find out about Eczema causes and symptoms here.

seborrheic dermatitis on hands

Seborrheic dermatitis on hands

Different types of hand dermatitis

It has been seen that most of us suffer from mild hand eczema, like chapping or drying throughout our life. This condition is commonly seen in females. Hand dermatitis can be of various types namely;

Ring eczema.

Fingertip eczema.


Hyperkeratotic and dry palmer eczema.

Focal palmer peeling.

Discoid eczema.

Gut eczema.

Apron eczema.

Simple tips to protect our hands

Whether we stay at home or go for work outside, if we follow these simple steps, we can give our hands better protection.

At home:

If you are suffering from hand dermatitis, then you should avoid washing your hands now and then.

Keep away from soaps having preservatives and perfumes which are seen to worsen the condition.

chronic dermatitis

Whenever you are washing your hands, use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser, which is perfume free. Immediately dry your hands and apply moisturizer, preferably petroleum jelly.

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Avoid antibacterial or waterless sanitizers as they worsen the condition.

While doing household chores, always wear cotton gloves. And while handling water cover hands with neoprene or unlined vinyl gloves, which are powder-free. For outdoor tasks, put on leather gloves.

Disposable vinyl gloves must be used while cleaning meat, cutting an onion, peeling potatoes, or handing pepper and citrus fruits.

If you wear a ring, regularly remove it while doing the daily chores.

See that you don’t put on a waterproof glove for more than 20 minutes at a time.

At work:

Wear leather or heavy fabric gloves for any dry work.

Do not use industrial cleansers to wash your hands, especially if your condition is flaring up.

Always carry your hand cleanser, medications, and moisturizer to work.

If you are working in a factory, always keep your work clothes and surroundings clean to avoid contact with irritants, which can aggravate the problem.

Always bandage even the minor hand wounds so that the allergens and irritants don’t get easy access into the skin.

Curing the condition

In order to cure hand eczema, you need to follow these steps;

Firstly see a physician to diagnose the type of hand dermatitis you are suffering from and to decide on the line of treatment.

Application of a corticosteroid cream is suggested every day to speed up the healing process and treat the cracks and dryness.

After applying corticosteroid cream wrap your hands in a moistened washcloth to minimize the blistering and itching.

You can also take an antihistamine to reduce the itching sensation of your hands.

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Keep your hands dry and always apply moisturizer to them.

Stay away from harmful chemical-based and scented products.

Try to add more moisture in your surroundings by using a humidifier, especially in the winter season.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to cure hand eczema; it can take around a few months. But continue taking good care of your hands for about a year. even if they seem to be cured.

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